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About Us

Michael Chinh Vu – Attorney and Counselor at Law

B.A. in Mathematics and Political Science
M.A. in Political Science and International Relations
J.D. in Law

Member of California and American Bar Associations
Member of American Immigration Lawyer Association
Political Science Instructor at Mission College

Andre Quang Vu – Legal Assistant

Vivian Vu – Secretary


Our Vision

We promise to provide great legal help and focus on making our clients happy. We work hard to be the best lawyers and use new ideas to solve problems. We think it's important to do good for society, and so we do free legal work or help our community. We care about our staff and make sure they do well. We work together and use all our skills to give the best legal help. We can help you all around the world. We always do business in an honest and fair way.

Our Mission

1. Help clients with legal problems. 2. Give good legal advice and help with legal needs. 3. Be honest and do the right thing. 4. Focus on each client's needs and give personal attention. 5. Treat everyone fairly and equally. 6. Look for new solutions to legal problems. 7. Work together as a team to give the best legal help. 8. Do volunteer work to help the community.

Core Values

In law, "core values" mean the basic beliefs that guide lawyers and legal professionals. We help shape proper behavior, decision-making, and interactions. These values are important for building trust with clients, maintaining the integrity of the legal system, and promoting fairness and justice. Common core values in law include honesty, loyalty to clients, respect for all individuals, being knowledgeable, keeping information private, being independent, taking responsibility, treating everyone equally, working hard to provide the best legal services, and helping those who can't afford legal assistance.

What Our Clients Say

“Michael’s team is really good and they know a lot.”

Michael and Andre with a knowledgeable team has been GREAT. They’re helping me with my divorce case flawlessly and save cost for me. After being attacked by other nasty sides, Michael calmly resolve all issues and helped reach an agreement without delaying trials and process. I am grateful for his help with his knowledgeable team with many years of experience. I would recommend VUSA for any Legal issues. Cheers.

Duy Nguyen
San Jose

Michael Chinh Vu has my highest recommendation and not just as an amazing attorney but as someone that personally cares about his clients. I cannot be thankful enough that I found him.

Tiffany Nguyen
San Jose

Attorney Michael Vu thank you for helping my case.
The first time I saw him and i present to him my case and my documents he said I have a strong case. He reviewed and he assure me to help me all the way.
I have confident with him, he calls me, emailed me, and inform me about the progress.
I trusted him, and he knows so much about the criminal case.
Until the day came, my case was dismissed exactly what He told me. He fought for me, his rate is affordable .Thank you attorney

Lisa Alaban

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